Tuesday, July 12, 2011

beachy summer fun

one of the many perks of living in southern california... 
the beach!!
although it is my dream to live in a house where i can wake up and have a cup of coffee on my porch while looking and listening to the waves, i will totally settle for a 45 minute drive :)
but katrina and i already have our retirement house picked out right on PCH
(the grand kids will love to come visit us!)

we packed up this saturday to have some fun in the sun with our favorite family
such a beautiful, perfect day.

 {this picture is just so sweet... sammy playing in the water while jeff and sam help abby dodge the waves}

{ewan and his sweet crab obsession... go here to find out more about it}

 {another crab ;) i mean abby}

{and sammy diggin in and finding sand crabs}

and of course this little guy was at the beach with us too!

such great summer fun!
can't wait to hit the beach again!

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