Wednesday, July 27, 2011


before our camping vacation i packed in as many playdates as i could with the kids...
(2 sleep overs in a row, having friends over, and playing with the neighborhood crew)
after all they weren't going to see any of their friends for awhile.

abby had her bff over to scrapbook, do make-up, spray hair color, and manis and pedis were a must too!
these two are peas in a pod i tell ya!
they were so cute i just couldn't stop taking pictures of these blonde beauties

and of course i had to sneak in a beach trip...
where sammy was a boogie boarding machine
abby was a water bug
and addison decided the sand was just perfect

and what better way to say good bye to California for a week than to feed my tummy some yummy cupcakes from The Cake Cottage
the most delicious red velvet i have had yet
their cream cheese frosting is ah-mazing!

and we tasted their new chocolate mint...
their cake is so moist and their frosting is the perfect consistency
A+ from me!!

and stay tuned for stories and pics from our fantabulous camping trip!!

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