Monday, August 1, 2011

finally! i have a couple minutes to blog about our vacation that happened almost 2 weeks ago!
we headed to Ridgeway to camp in the beautiful state of Colorado
we left around 4 am with a car packed to the brim and 3 sleepy children, well 2 kids and i dog ;)

this was my view most of the time during our 14 hour drive
my feet love the window shield and sam loves cleaning my toe prints off ;)

we spent the first night at my Dad's who lives a quick 15 minutes from our campgound
he had a surprise birthday bash for the big 6-0!!!
the next day we headed to Pa-Co-Chu-Puk {Cow Creek} where we set up camp
our camp site was right on the river, hearing the rush of the water through out the day and night was oh so relaxing :)

Mickey even had his own special little spot in the shade, and had the time of his life
so many new smells and sounds to explore
and hey even a deer ran through our site!!

down to the swim area of the resevoir
the kids have never swam in a lake before
so a body of water in nature without waves was new
but very exciting

beautiful blue skies and green trees surrounded us everywhere

the view of the river from our campsite
it was so neat to be able to wake up and walk a few steps to fish!

there was a lot of s'more making and eating

a lot of sweeping and fishing

and a lot of card games, bug spray, and sunscreen

there ya have it
we love camping
such fun family time!!

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