Sunday, August 7, 2011

jurassic park

well not exactly real life dinosaurs roaming around but animated replica sized dinosaurs... yes
we didn't end up stopping by the grand canyon on our way home from colorado but we did stop at the Dinosaur Journey Museum
on the route and a perfect pit stop to stretch
(even though we were only in the car for about an hour and a half)
i love taking the kids to stuff like this. call me the mom that always tries to make everything some what educational, yup, that's me all. the. way.

this place was cool.
we got to see life size moving replicas. dig for bones. see so may different dino bone fossils. and we could even see where the paleontologists do their work of cleaning the fossils and determining the age.

{excuse the quality of these pics}
{and excuse the kids comfy travel}

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DisneyBabies said...

the kids cracked me up! Looks like a lot of fun!