Wednesday, August 10, 2011

off to school

the kiddos are tucked in bed. sleeping sweetly. 
as i look around at all the toys strewn about the house, the basket of laundry that needs to be folded, and the dishes in the sink that need to be done... all i can think about is sending my BABY to school. how this will be the last time that i ever get to do this, the last time i send a child to kindergarten. 
i am so excited for her and yet so sad at the same time.
she is filled with excitement and confidence.
but mama over here needs a year supply of tissue for one day.
i have had my moments of tears today (never letting her see of course).
i am so very proud of this little lady. 
who she has become in the short 5 years of her little life... a playful, strong, independent little girl.

her outfit is picked out.
her backpack is packed.
she is ready freddy.

{today the kindergarten team at her school hosted a meet and greet where the kids got to meet their teachers and tour their classrooms, her teacher gave her a bag of gold fish and a little note that stated "Congratulations! You are o"fish"alley a kindergartener!" That got her super excited.}

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