Saturday, December 31, 2011

yarn wreath picture display

i made this gift for my sister-in-law who loves peacock colors and has a splash of orange with ehr decor to give a great color contrast. this was a fun gift to make. i love how it turned out and i see myself making more wreaths for future gifts as well!

foam tubing from hardware store (lowes/home depot)
yarn of your choice
colors of felt of your choice (i choose blue, lime green, black, and teal to make peacock feathers)
duct tape
hot glue gun

first make your decoration of your choice with the felt. i cut out different size rain drop shapes and glued the felt to make layers of color. i then pinched the bottom (the round part) and glued to make it appear more peacock feather like.
once your felt is complete...
make the foam tubing into a circle, size it the way you want, and cut. duct tape ends together to from your wreath. wrap yarn closely together, hot gluing every so often to hold in place. let dry.
arrange your felt decoration to your liking and glue away.
measure and cut ribbon and glue to the back of the wreath. i crocheted a single chain and glued on the back to cover the ends of the ribbon.
clothespin pictures, notes, cards... whatever you wish to display!!

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