Monday, January 9, 2012

back to the routine

school started again today after a long needed christmas vacation.
getting back into a routine is easy for me... i thrive on routines!
but the kiddos... well that is another story.
homework was a battle this afternoon, as was after school chores, but hey, they got done and now they have a little down time until abby has dance and mommy has a little peace and quiet before the next item on the to do list.
i'm not sure if i am a "normal" parent in the area of sending my kids back to school, i miss 'em when they are away from me. i miss not seeing their every action or hearing every funny comment. i miss those random cuddle hours and hugs at any moment of the day. i loathe sending my kids back to school when i have been spoiled with all of those highlights that parenthood comes along with.
but, i gotta do it. not just for them but for me too. it's healthy to miss people. it gives you more appreciation for who they are and what they bring to the table.
it made my heart smile when i picked them up from school today and they had stories of recess and learning. their little bodies running up to me to give me a great big hug. those are some of the best hugs. although i miss 'em i am happy to get back into the routine that school brings.
so, so long christmas vacation, you are officially o-v-e-r.

blogging may not be as frequent over the next few weeks 
i'll have to figure out a good time slot that works well with our routine ;)
i won't be far though!
i'll still be reading all of your lovely stories during my night time reading ritual

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