Tuesday, February 14, 2012

there once was a girl who turned 6

and wanted an american girl tea party, with all of her friends
so what did her mommy do?
she threw her one
how can you say no to this beautiful girl?

passing out the wands for all her friends to paint
with this many girls in one room, there was shrieking, laughing, and more shrieking ;)
a couple of guests, including the only boy at the party
tea time with a story
the food buffet
close up
cake and mini cupcakes
chocolate covered strawberries & strawberry "oreos" {go make 'em they are to die for!}
favor table
gift bags: crocheted bows, stickers, and candy
the birthday girl's tea cup
activity basket: paint, brushes and book
the tea room {our living room}

such a fun party
had so much fun planning and crafting
had even more fun seeing my little girl enjoy her tea party

i can't believe my baby is 6!
every day she inspires me more and more to be a better mommy
i love the way she walks into a room and lights it up
she can make any one smile and laugh
with her strong will & heart of gold i know she will go so many places in her life
i am honored to be her mommy and watch her grow and grow!

and her daddy and brother simply adore her as well
daddy's little girl and brother's little buddy
we love you abbigail lucille!


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous party !!! You did a wonderful job Bryann. And my beautiful baby g-baby is growing up sooooo fast!! Love all of you. Omie

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous thing to do for that perfect baby girl. She will remember her party and now have such beautiful pictures to look back on. You amaze us all Bryann with your amazing efforts and your incredible talents.Your children, both of them will be better people in life because of their Mommy. Love that angel girl and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Now our Babb's is 6 going on 16. Love it. Mammo loves you all !! : )