Tuesday, February 21, 2012

creative kids

the kids were recently BOTH recognized for their artistic abilities
made this mama over here oh so proud, let me tell ya!
makes my heart so happy that they love art and love to show off their passion

little man's class portrayed a piece by edgar degas' Little Dancer by drawing it with oil pastels
and guess what!? his was chosen to be displayed the whole month of february at our local mall
go sammy bear!

and little miss abby babbs was artist of the month at her school 
way to represent those kinders abby!!
her art work was also an oil pastel piece of a snowman
which was hanging in the front office for the month!

mommy & daddy are so very proud of our kiddos 
and the way they shine!!

keep on reaching for the stars kiddos!!

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Marley Christensen said...

So Sweet I love their art!