Thursday, March 1, 2012

bold. fun. fashion.

my daughter loves fashion. loves it.

i just love being her mommy. seeing what she puts together and it is always the cutest {sometimes bazaar} combinations, but the thing i love love love the most is her confidence & her ability to make anything look good.

 polka dot dress: forever21
faux fur vest: mudd jeans
rose color shirt: h&m

hello kitty dress: h&m
socks: children's place
flats: h&m
blue dress with printed peter pan collar: h&m
cardigan: crazy 8
blue sparkly tights: h&m
shoes: circo

cupcake shirt: children's place
bubble skirt: harajuku mini
leggings: circo
boots: paris blues

shirt: harajuku mini
red tulle skirt: circo
footless tight: harajuku mini
hair clip: made by my friend vikki

this was on the 100th day of school, where the kinders got to dress like they were 100 years old.
pretty darn cute.

"keep calm and shine on" shirt: mossimo
rose color undershirt: h&m
skirt: h&m
tights h&m
shoes: soda

and i just have to give my bff a quick blog thank you!
after a fun, long day of throwing a birthday party... clean up comes, and while i was cleaning my kitchen i found a little treat bag with one of these crochet heart goodies. which i proudly displayed for valentines day. check out her shop to find more crochet cuteness.

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Katrina {} said...

love you! and love leaving treats for you to find later. :) xo!