Sunday, March 4, 2012

mason jar candle holder

this is such an easy & elegant project

supplies needed:
tissue paper (any color you desire)
doilies (optional)
foam brush
mason jar
mod podge

step one:
cut strips of your tissue paper {about 1-2 inches wide} to length needed for your jar, leave about 1 1/2 in at the top.

step two:
place on outside of mason jar and coat with mod podge
continue this step until the whole jar is covered.

step three:
fold down the excess tissue paper around the lip of the mason jar and mod podge away

step four:
place doilies anywhere on the jar, and mod podge those babies

step five:
wait until mod podge dries completely
 {i did another coat of mod podge all over after it was dry, but it is not necessarily needed}

step six:
after your jar is dry pick your favorite candle {for best results i recommend using a votive with a votive holder} to light. sit back and enjoy the elegant lighting that it creates.

photo courtesy of katrina
i had made this for her for her birthday & was so delighted when she sent me this pic :)

and there ya have it.

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