Tuesday, March 6, 2012

happy tuesday!

ahh. tuesday morning. sitting. drinking my coffee. no interruptions. i can't even remember the last time i sat in silence.
the kids are off at school. i got an unexpected day off {yup, no work at all}. and i am sitting in silence drinking my cup of coffee with york peppermint creamer. yum. did i tell you it is quiet? ;)
what should i do? catch up on housework? maybe craft? or just sit, be lazy, & look at pretty stuff on pinterest?
do you see the beauty in this people!? i can do whatever i want in the short 3 hours i have :)

I think i'll catch up on a few household chores, and then i'll see what kind of craft i want to start.
the weather is gloomy and cold.
perfect day to have off.
perfect day to be inside.
perfect day to maybe make a second pot of coffee.
perfect day to light candles and smell the house up so yummy {currently burning french vanilla}.
perfect. perfect. perfect.
hope all you out there have a fantastic tuesday!
thank you for listening to me brag that i am sitting. in silence. ahh.

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