Tuesday, June 19, 2012

school's out for summer!

i am way late on posting about the kids last day of school...
but it is official... summer is here

before all i have to share is beach trips and swim days (because that is exactly what we will be doing) i wanted to give ya a peek at their last day as a kindergartner and a first grader :)

so proud of my baby girl
who by the way is growing up. way. to. fast.
last day of school 
all set with their gifts for their teachers
{my poor kids had the sun blasting in their eyeballs and this mama right here insisted on getting a picture, sorry kids}

Sammy with his teacher
she will be missed but she is moving up to a higher grade level
so maybe in a couple years he'll get her again!

so happy school is over
that means:
sleeping in
no rush in the morning
lazy afternoons with no homework
beach and pool adventures
outside play til the sun goes down
more hugs and cuddles
and did i mention sleeping in? ;)

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