Wednesday, July 11, 2012

tiny dancer

abby's end of the year dance recital was a few weeks back and man oh man did she ROCK it!!!
i'm totally not being biased either, seriously ask any one who was there
even the owner of the dance studio and her mom said she did the best :)
made us SO proud!
but then again, she never fails in that department.
backstage having some cheese and bread sticks waiting to get the show on the road

ah! just love her little dance poses!! she was so on point.

hands on hips with the beat like what.

taking a break with the big girls back stage
{side note: abby was the only one who in her dance group who "practiced" during backstage down time. that right there shows early dedication}

waiting with the girls for the big finale dance. do you see the sass my daughter brings?

see. told ya.

so proud of her! she was born to be on stage. i promise.

one proud daddy and brother right here. brother even picked out flowers for her.

and more fans. mammo and papa. aunt katrina with her date ewan {they too brought her flowers}

see. this is my proof. here she is being told what an ah-mazing job she did on that stage!! from a totally non-biased point of view.

oh abby. you are something on that stage. mommy and daddy hope your love of dance continues to grow throughout all the years to come!
you make everyone so proud!!

see her christmas show here

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