Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cars Land

Finally! We got to visit the newest addition to California Adventure!
And oh my, oh my! was it awesome.
exactly like the movie.
cars roaming around the land.
fun rides.
cute little pit stops.
and detail, detail, detail.

 it was a packed day in radiator springs

 i have to say the Cozy Cone Motel might be my favorite part of Cars Land

 Mater was making a pit stop at the Cozy Cone

 do see these flowers! the lights mimic tail lights! genius!

 we ate at Flo's, and I have to say... it passed my expectations :)

 Luigi's Flying Tires... looks like a fun ride right?
nope. maybe if you have toddlers they would enjoy this ride, but not worth the wait in my opinion

 with car who started it all!! Stanley!

saved the best for last. Radiator Springs Racers.
all 4 of us had a blast racing through Radiator Springs!
Even Sam said he would go on it again, and again, and again.
next time!

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