Sunday, June 9, 2013


Our life has consisted of sport games, dance rehearsals, school activities, work, and play.
I have to remind myself to step back and breath in these moments because before long they will be gone. 9 & 7 years of age have been a busy time in our children's life but they have been filled with laughter and fun, determination and growing.
Here are a few highlights from this past few weeks.

 Abby with her Daddy for the Father/Daughter Dance

 Sammy with his "bros"

 the flower girl picking her bride a flower

 She loves her! Abby calls Molly her adult BFF

 myself and the beautiful bride to be

the last game with the Tough Tulips.
all these girls were troopers with only 2 wins this season. [next season girls!]

This weekend Sammy's all star team came in second place!! Go "Pajankees" [that's what the boys came up with, with having players from the padres, giants, and yankees]
Abby had her last soccer game and team party receiving her first team medal!! go babbs!

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