Thursday, August 1, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Today we going back to November 2012.
Imagine this. On the road for 14 plus hours. Two kids. And a dog. Sam and I have the open road ahead of us. The radio on, singing our tunes. Arriving in Colorado excited. Tired. And in need of some peace. Even if it's only for 5 minutes ;)

My dad lives in Colorado and every year we either try to make it for a summer camping trip or Thanksgiving.
This past year we made it for Thanksgiving.
My dad is a simple man. He didn't care that we stayed in our p.j.s most of Thanksgiving Day. Or that I fed my kids sugar cereal every morning while on vacation. Or the fact that all we really wanted to do on vacation was nothing. He just was happy and thankful that we were there. And the same with us. It's a breath of fresh air from our busy body lifestyle. To slow down and enjoy the little moments that happen.

We played a lot on this vacation. In the backyard. It was a welcomed change to just hang out.
Looking at all these pictures though makes me realize that I need to convince my husband to get on the other side of the camera once in awhile ;)

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