Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dentist and Doctor

Yesterday Sammy and Abby had their FIRST dentist appointment! First was the x-rays, and Sammy being the great big brother that he is decided he would go first! He did GREAT! They didn't have to do a single x-ray twice :) Now it was Abby's turn! She sat up in the chair and sat very still while they did her fro x-rays, but when it came time to try to get a picture of her back teeth, the actual x-ray wouldn't fit in her mouth! Now onto, the exam.

Sammy went first again. I decided to keep the order because it just worked well. He sat in the chair, like the biggest man that he is, and opened as WIDE as his little mouth could go. The light was way too bright so I used my hands as an eye mask for him. His cleaning went well and FAST! Abby on the other hand had a hard time understanding that she couldn't close her mouth when the dentist looked around. She sat up in the chair and let the dentist look at her teeth, but when it came time to clean them, she wanted NOTHING to do with it. She was a big girl though, no whining or crying, just stubbornness ;)

They both received NEW toothbrushes and stickers, and earned a trip to Target to pick out a new spin brush and toothpaste.

Sammy also had his kindergarten physical the same day. The nurses came in measured and weighed him, 51 pounds and 44 inches. Dr. Carrie came in and did his physical, said he looks great! Now came the shots! I prepared my little man for this part, I mean I wanted him to know that it wasn't going to be all fun. The nurses came back in and prepared his little arms. The girls were great about telling him when there was going to be a prick and the only reaction he had was "OUCH!" times three. Not even a tear shed! Now he is all ready for kindergarten this Fall! I just don't know if I'm ready!

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