Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Western Center Museum

Ground Sloth
These are the REAL fossils from "Max"
"Max's" Skull

The kids being entertained "digging" for fossils

The Western Center Museum was so much fun! The kids were so excited to see REAL fossils that were found not more than 15 minutes away from where they live. "Max" the Mastodon was found while building a dam in Hemet. He is the largest Mastodon to ever be found in the Northern hemisphere, at a record 10 feet tall! The average height is 7-8 feet. A 12 foot mammoth was also found, along with fossils of giant ground sloth, which measures nearly 7 ft tall! Sammy and Abby enjoyed making their own fossils, digging for fossils, and watching a movie on what it was maybe like when mastodons and mammoths roamed the lands.

The Western Center also had a Disney Exhibit going on called, The Music Behind the Magic. Which was fantastic (but no photography allowed!). We saw jackets worn by Dick Van Dyke in "Mary Poppins" and real cartoon sketches from Walt himself! That man's vision was so great and continues to grow in every one's imagination (if they want to admit it or not).

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The Christensen Family said...

oooooooooo this is fun Jeff and I took lilly to the the dino museum here and it was awful and boring ... just a bunch of dino tracks :( next time we do Salt Lake we will go to a REAL ONE!! Its great to live in Southern California and have so many fun places right at your finger tips! :)