Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Santa Barbara Part 2

I wanted to dedicate a post of our trip to our little munchkins.
These two have such a special relationship and I pray that it will only grow stronger as they get older. That they continue to love each other, to protect each other. Just as they do now.
As a mom I feel sometimes inadequate, that these two precious lives deserve so much more than what I have to offer. But them I am reminded by the grace of God that they are exactly right where they need to be. They complete me and I complete them.
This weekend Sam and I received nothing but praise about our children. How well behaved they are. How polite they are. How cool they are. How beautiful they both are.
Every one telling us these things overwhelmed my heart with joy that we are doing the best we can and that our best is good enough, more than good enough.

They had such a blast being at the wedding. Eating. Playing. Dancing. And the next day might have been even better in their eyes. We were beyond grateful that the bride's father offered an invitation to us for a catamaran boat ride. The kids mostly hung out right on the nets to look down at the ocean beneath them and to feel that fresh ocean air.
Looking for sharks. Not spotting any sharks ;)
Looking for dolphins. Nope, no dolphins.
But Looking for seals. YES! SEALS!! and cute seals too ;)
Their sense of wonder amazes me.

Our kids rock.

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